Shanta Jethoe is an independent visual storyteller, traditional animator and director from The Netherlands. In her work, she explores the human psyche and human relationships with a critical view. Shanta's work often revolves around identity-related themes.


During her studies at ArtEZ University of the Arts, Shanta developed a unique visual style and way to share stories. Her work, often based on (inter)personal experiences, thoughts and feelings, consists of abstract stories that confront people, encourage reflection and call to their emotion.


Seemingly unimportant or small events can disguise the biggest of stories. With this in mind and through her careful observations, Shanta creates imagery that contains a level of simplicity, yet is carefully constructed and thought out. Through critical visual storytelling, Shanta aims to create work that stimulates dialogue, whether that is caused by the art medium itself or the themes discussed in her work.


Traditional animation techniques and the handling of materials play a central role in Shanta's work process, merging form and content. Her work has a certain sensitivity, visible through often sketchy lines. She is always searching for the right look and atmosphere in her drawings, which supports her philosophy that every story needs its own way to be told. This results in multi-disciplinary and unique works of art, from moving images to illustrations and sculptures.

Award for best animated short in Student Film Competition at the Zwols Animation Film Festival (2017)


Animation Wildcard from The Netherlands Film Fund (2016)


Award for best graduation thesis at ArtEZ University of the Arts (2016)




De Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender 2018


Metropolis M Eindexamenspecial (graduation edition) 2016


ArtEZ Finals Magazine 2016